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The Kiss.....

"Kiss my forehead, bite my ear and whisper the words of affection while I shed my tears of love."

Strength and time, honour, health and valour do not last forever, they pass away with youth.

What remain are fragments of love we experience in all our years which are studded deep inside our hearts and minds in form of memories that grow fonder as we age.

Thinking about an intense love that lit up your life makes you numb, when you go through a pitch dark patch in your life.

Love is the same, which promises everything, everything it says to us seems good.

Love makes the dumb speak with eloquence, makes the ignorant wiser, it gives a hit of boldness to cowards and transforms the lazy from slow to quick, from blunt to sharp.

I've sensed it all, it's a peace parade. It's a carnival of two. It's everywhere.

It's in the most complex curves of this huge planet where even God can't reach.

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