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Kanha treasures....

The crystal clear, meandering streams and tall Saal trees, the whistles of wind which passed from the hollows of the trees and the rustling leaves compose a rhythm followed by the sweet sweet songs of the birds around, here in Kanha. A barely known place a semi-sesquicentennial ago, rose to fame as roars echoed far and wide on the routes once governed by the Gonds in the 18th Century and breathtaking zones which please you infinitely, but satisfy you never. Like love and intimacy, it keeps you wanting for some more. When it was declared as a wildlife sanctuary in 1933, strict measures weren’t made which allowed periodic shooting of deer and tigers. Which resulted in the species to dwindle and fade. The last tigers were shot by the king of Vijayanagaram. 25-30 tigris tigris all dead, all without heart beats. From 1955 ,when Kanha was declared as a national park, to 1975; efforts were made for conservation. Schallar influenced many by his excellent piece of work, ‘the Deer and the Tiger’ which was published in 1967 which consists of all the research he had done from 1963 to 1965. In 1989, Kanha was declared as a Tiger reserve which became central India's largest tiger reserve and every "wildlifer’s" greatest experience ever. The stories of this heavenly place, tiger dynasties and legendary Munna are studded in a nature lover’s heart and mind leaving their soul in the tiger kingdom which was originally a part of Gondwanas.

This is Dhawajhandi's and Chhota Munna's cub from 2018.

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